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Have you ever ponder over the dream life to live?

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Yes! You listen right. Have you ever ponder over to live the life of your dream or the life you have not lived still? If the answer is yes then the game of My Story is really meant for you. Gamer of this game can live the life of his or her dreams.

There are plenty of things to play and use such as resources and diamonds and characters and so on. if the player is new to it then he or she can use My Story Hack system for gaining them all.

Form the look of character

The game starts with the selection of the character of the game and after that player of it changes the look of the given character by changing the hairstyle, outfits and many more. Player can use various types of outfits and clothes and other useful accessories in the game to make it more interesting.

Decision maker is the player

The game is played on the will or decision of the gamer. All the game control is in the hands of the player to play. The gamer of it can take decision about the character of it that what he or she has to do.

Enjoy the life in user’s own way

The user of My Story game can live the life according to choice and enjoy the activities of the game such as the life of the character can be model, a famous elite class person, or a movie star and many more options to opt for.

Tons of interesting stories

The options of choosing stories of the game are so many that gamer may select the story from these different genres such as romance, tragedy, drama and so on. Player of the game can also use My Story Hack to have whatever he likes to have at any time of the game to enjoy the fun.