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Brother in Arms 3: 2 main currencies

Nevaeh Fox 0


The multiplayer shooting game which gave some experience during the World War 2nd is Brother in Arms 3. Gameloft developed the game as the third installation of WWII. The theme of the game is a third-person shooter game and involves you in the fighting between the brave soldiers and the world. Those users who use Android and iOS, they can enjoy the game by performing various task.

When the player is playing the game, they win different currencies and take the advantages of them. As for the player, it is essential to get the currencies and make the task easy. The coins are given below:

Central funds

The XP and the dog tags are the two main currencies in the game. You need to collect them by completing the mission.

Dog tags

The dog tags are used to update the weapon. However, these are also used for updating the team member. When the weapon is updated, then it becomes more comfortable for the player to win the battle.


The XP is second a critical thing is a game. The currency is us to make the level-up of the player and the character in the game. The central aspect about the XP is that when the role is updated, then the energy also gets restored.

How to get things?

  • One of the best ways to update the currencies is completing the earlier mission, but keep in mind that the player is trained, so they know the strategies.
  • The dog tags are reaching throughout the mission, don’t forget to collect them. You can also receive XP while playing the game.
  • When the player kills the enemies, then they will win ten dog tags.
  • By unlocking the achievements, you can also earn dog tags.

Thus, these are some currencies about the game. Play the game and win these currencies.