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A Layman’s Guide to Know about Subway Surfers

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If you are thinking about the best arcade game of these days, then the only name come to the mind is Subway Surfers. It is created by Kiloo and runs easily both IOS and Android platforms. Players can easily download the game from their respective game stores and also they get the game in their device by downloading the Subway Surfers apk easily from many online sources. They have to choose the right subway surfers hacked apk to install a good version of the game in which they get all the essential things they want.

Guide about currency in Subway Surfers

Well, the currency in Subway Surfers is present in two forms. So, the name of both two types of currency are mentioned below –

·         Coins – it is the main currency which is used for buying everything in Subway Surfers such as boosters and powers, etc.

·         Keys – another type of currency in the game is keys and is used for taking participating in all events and challenges.

These are the most important 2 types of in-game currencies which play a good role in Subway Surfers and about them you should know in an appropriate manner.

How to earn coins and keys?

There are various fair as well as unfair methods present to earn currency in Subway Surfers. Firstly, you have to know the fair methods to earn keys and coins. So, these types of methods include completing of all events, accomplishing all challenges or objectives and many more things too.

On the other side an unfair method to earn currency in the game in is by taking help from coins and keys. If you make use of the same method then it helps you in getting everything in Subway Surfers in an easy way among all others.