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2 uses of coins as a currency in Toon Blast

Nevaeh Fox 0

Do you like to play puzzle game? Then why don’t you try Toon Blast? Toon Blast is the game which is based on the puzzle where a player needs to make the matches of cubes then they will get points. For playing the game, one needs to make the team for effectively plays. If the players have made the game effectively, then they will get some coins which are very beneficial for the game to play. As we are talking about the game, so it is consist of currencies which are discussed below:


The coins are termed as a premium currency, which is very useful for the entire game. Here the player can use these coins for several aspects like:

·         Booster

The booster is one of the central elements which are used to make the game in an effective way. It is used to blast a large number of cubes at a particular time. Through this, one can save the moves and time for a further one. With the help of coins, you can easily buy some booster for making the game compelling and entertaining. Through this, one can quickly get the chance to become a pro player.

·         Life refill

If the player gets failed during the level, then there is a need to worry. With the help of life refills, you will get the experience and play the standard once again. In the entire game, it is very tough to collect, and you need to complete some levels and challenges. So, with the help of coins, you can easily buy it and play the game. The best part about these aspects is that it increases the performance level.

Thus, these are currencies that players need to contain. One can easily make the game effective if they will use these things.